2019 – Unstash, enjoy sewing time and dream a little 2/4

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The stash

Purchases: 1 thoughtful purchase session and 1 « holidays » session purchase. Whether abroad or in France, I like to « visit » a fabric store and bring me something, when the brands are different from those of my area.

I wanted to try another online fabrics shops, one that makes printing on demand with designer patterns, in this case, I chose Spoonflower because they have a factory in Europe and the delivery is shorter. A sample of the different fabrics had been ordered in advance for about 3 euros. I chose ultra satin organic cotton, because it is the one that best reflected the colors, the patterns I had selected required beautiful colors. Obviously, it’s more expensive, about 30 euros per meter. For cotton, even organic, it hurts, but I took 2 patterns * 1 meter for a skirt pattern already made 5 times, it will be a good test to see if the investment was worth it or not.

Toto Tissus, in Bretagne. 2 meters of a nice teal linen knit, it is quite difficult to find in physical shops ^^ and 2 meters of a dark purple satin cotton

Cutting: 3 projects have been cut and sewn, approximatively 5,5 meters.

2 meters of viscose and 1 meter of a linen.viscose bought for « printemps » during first 2019 quarter, they were planned for 2 blouses and 2 blouses have been sewn

1 meter of wax and 1,5 meter of thin blues stripes of cotton which were in the stash for more than 2 years. A dress has been made for the end of the year at the « MJC » (local association for youthness, culture and animations…

Some leftovers have been used for

  • a tee shirt for the 3rd birthday of a little girl
  • and 3 big scrap have been used as gift wrapper, furoshiki way

Total : 6meters bought and 5,5 meters sewn. Not a total win for the goal, but that’s ok, I well have to resist the upcoming sales and/or sew more!

Castles in the air

The mini Spring capsule



Having a defined goal, limited and fairly short in time, was very motivating. I really wanted to finish it before the end of June. It was as much a curiosity to see what the end result would be, as to see if I was able to stick to a plan that I had thought through scrupulously.

The skirt was sewn, the 3 tops were sewn, but not the jacket, I had doubts about its length, its portability in my daily life, its style and mine, my ability to sew it too.

Since my wardrobe is still well supplied, I found a replacement to the jacket: a cardigan in orange tone 🙂

An fun part of this goal, was to take a picture of all the possible combinations, to go fast I used the remote control, burst mode and took pictures without looking at the result, I cracked a bit at the end of the shooting ^^

There it is, my first mini spring capsule :


Other considerations:

Colors : according to some tests, the warm colors are better on me, I have no problem to wear bright colors ^ ^ and I naturally go to light colors in summer and dark in winter. The purists will scream but I navigate between the « warm spring » and « dark autumn » palettes (« 12 seasons »). The base of the capsule being the blue pants, that I wanted to wear more often, it was necessary to « warm it up » and find a combo of color that works well together

Silhouettes : according to Kibbe, and I rely mainly on the excellent series of Doctor T « flamboyant gamines » looks better with asymmetrical cuts and constrasting shapes, the blouses / tops should be close to the body, sculpted and clean, any asymmetrical detail is good, the basic skirt would be short and close to the body, a longer skirt should stay close to the body and / or have an asymmetrical hem, the pants should be slim, and preferably ankle length

Well clearly, I did not follow exactly these recommendations, the skirt is less flared than my habits (it takes time to adapt to this new stuff ^^) the 3 tops are short and wide, but I think it look better with narrow bottoms, two of them have asymmetrical details


Burda Style 07/2016 #116 – Skirt

Skirt seventies vibes with its A-line cut, the must: pockets taken in the front seams. Easy to sew. Maybe a little too long, a little too serious? It can become a basic, twisted with an edgy or feminine top and pretty shoes 😉



Burda Style 04/2014 #115 – Blouse

It is, since a long time in my todo-list 🙂 the fabric is soft and transparent, not the best choice. The weather forecast announced a heat wave and I did not put the sleeves. It’s light and super comfortable to wear. Asymmetry brings this bit of originality that I love.



Burda Style 11/2015 #109A – Blouse

I have mixed feelings about this one. I had trouble sewing it because of the fabric, a leaky viscose. The raglan sleeves have a small flaw: the roundness of the shoulders is not perfect and despite the ironing, the neckline does what it wants, last point, seen only on the photos afterwards, there is 2 large « folds » that forms a V, starting from the shoulders, due to the neckline? But the blouse has knots on the sleeves, a detail that makes me feel feminine when I wear it ^^


sorryHumpf ! we’ll see if these defects are bearable or not

Burda Style 06/2014 #101 – Dress

The theme of the MJC, this year, was « Bit of madness », an asymmetrical dress allowing 2 different fabrics was selected and 2 fabrics with different patterns. I did not follow all the assembly recommended by burda, (23 pieces!) The bustier in front was not lined, there is no over-dress, the time was running out 🙂 I thought that with this asymmetrical strap, I would be more comfortable with the bustier, it’s the case, at least a little more, but in the middle of summer, when it’s really hot, it’s not great to have fabric on the top of the bust… In short, I do not know if I will wear it or not, but it is no more in my stash 😀


sorryHumpf !

Shall we continue ? Mini summer capsule or stop?

Yes ! but there will be more elements of my wardrobe. I do not want to speed myself to sew, it must remain a hobby without constraint. I want to reduce the number of clothes in my closet, it does not help to sew a top to go with a new skirt, if I already have three tops that go with it! If I can replace a slightly too much worn top with a new homemade top, ok but it will be a bonus ^^

Another point, the mini spring capsule is done, but summer is already here, the timing is not very good, it will require adjustments: D

Base of the summer capsule: replace this skirt, Burda Easy 2013, Spring/summer, #3G. worn hundreds of time! Pilling is starting on the fabric


The plan :


The cardigan at the top is in knit all pilling but without hole, it’s the kind of comforter when the air conditioning is a little too strong at work. The replacement vest / kimono would be the New Look 6546, a bit more chic than a knit or jersey cardigan, but I have doubts about the fabric to use and the portability / compatibility with the rest of my wardrobe

The 2 tank tops, are over 5 years old, are not damaged but I kinda have seen them too much and the colors / shape / style are not easy to match with anything other than jeans. The 2 bonus tank tops are BurdaStyle 01/2019 # 116 and BurdaStyle 11/2016 # 112, as well as the kimono: a bit more chic and feminine than cotton jersey tank tops

The 2 fabric for the skirts are those ordered on spoonflower


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